SIAC Annual Appreciation Event 2016

The Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) Annual Appreciation Event 2016 was held on 25 February 2016 in Singapore.

The evening commenced with a Welcome Address from Mr Lucien Wong, Chairman of SIAC. Mr Wong noted that 2015 was a milestone year for SIAC, as it recorded its highest ever number of cases filed (271), highest ever number of administered cases (244) and highest ever total sum in dispute (S$6.23 billion). Compared to just a decade or so ago, SIAC's new case filings have grown by over 300%.

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Left to Right: Gary Born, Lim Seok Hui, Lucien Wong Welcome Address delivered by Lucien Wong Left to Right: Permanent Secretary,
Ng How Yue, Ministry of Law Singapore,
Lim Seok Hui, Lucien Wong

Mr Wong also thanked the President of the SIAC Court of Arbitration, Mr Gary Born, and the two Vice Presidents, Mr Cavinder Bull, SC and Mr John Savage, as well as all the Court members for their tremendous efforts and contributions during the year. Mr Wong noted that the Court members had been instrumental in implementing a number of key initiatives, such as the SIAC Rules revision and the establishment of the SIAC Users Council and Users Council Committees all over the world, and had actively participated in various SIAC and YSIAC events and workshops overseas. Mr Wong also thanked SIAC’s Board members for their time and valuable input in overseeing SIAC’s operations as well as business strategy and development.

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Guests at the event Guests SIAC Annual Report 2015

Thereafter, Ms Lim Seok Hui, CEO of SIAC and the Singapore International Mediation Centre, gave her Opening Remarks. Ms Lim took the audience through event highlights of 2015, which featured a number of inaugural YSIAC events both locally and overseas, including the YSIAC Conference in Singapore and YSIAC Essay Competition in June, followed by a series of overseas YSIAC Advocacy Workshops which were mock arbitration training workshops for younger arbitration practitioners. The YSIAC Advocacy Workshops followed the same circuit as the SIAC Overseas Conferences and were held in several cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Jakarta, Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo.

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Guests Announcement of SIAC 2015
Case Statistics by Gary Born
Cavinder Bull, SC with guests

Mr Born then presented the highlight of the evening, namely, the 2015 SIAC case statistics. Mr Born informed the audience that in 2015, SIAC received 271 new cases from parties from 55 jurisdictions. 84% of new cases filed in 2015 were international in nature, which means that they included at least one foreign party, and about half were cases involving only foreign parties with no connection to Singapore.

Mr Born also presented the nationalities of party-nominated arbitrators as well as arbitrators appointed by SIAC, highlighting that female arbitrators appointed by SIAC in 2015 constituted nearly a quarter of all arbitrator appointments.

In 2015, SIAC’s top three foreign users were India, China and South Korea, with the USA and Australia in fourth and fifth places, respectively. The other parties in the top ten list of foreign users included Vietnam, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Malaysia.

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Guests SIAC Business
Development Team
Guests SIAC Business
Development Team
with guest
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