8 November 2017
YSIAC-KOCIA YAPF Seoul Fireside Chat with Professor Lucy Reed

By Curie Lee, Yulchon LLC

On 8 November 2017, YSIAC and KOCIA YAPF hosted the “Fireside Chat with Professor Lucy Reed” at Yulchon LLC, attracting a vibrant crowd of over 55 attendees from a variety of professional and legal backgrounds. Among the attendees were in-house counsel, practising lawyers and academics.

The event opened with a Welcome Address by Ms Lim Seok Hui (CEO, SIAC and SIMC), who outlined the recent developments in international dispute resolution around the globe. Ms Lim’s address was followed by the highlight of the event, the Fireside Chat with Professor Reed. The chat was moderated by Ms Jeong Hye Ahn (Member, YSIAC Committee; Partner, Yulchon LLC) and Mr Jern-Fei Ng (Member, YSIAC Committee; Barrister, Essex Court Chambers).

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Left to Right: Professor Lucy Reed, Jeong Hye Ahn and Jern-Fei Ng

Left to Right: Sae Youn Kim, Professor Lucy Reed,
Lim Seok Hui, Jeong Hye Ahn, Jern-Fei Ng and
Seah Lee

The Chat provided a forum for discussing hot topics such as challenges and opportunities arising from recent developments in international commercial and investor-state arbitration, gender diversity in international arbitration, and other burning questions that the participants wished to pose to Professor Reed. Of particular interest to the attendees was the future of mediation and arbitration in Seoul. Professor Reed provided insight on how Seoul could develop into an arbitration hub and the ways in which Korea could establish mediation as one of the primary mechanisms of dispute resolution.

The event ended with Closing Remarks by Ms Sae Youn Kim (Partner, Yulchon LLC), who shared her personal observations and insights into what it meant to be a practitioner in the field of international arbitration. Emphasising the vast diversity of issues that may arise in international arbitration, Ms. Kim talked about the intellectually challenging yet highly rewarding nature of her work. The pursuit of knowledge is never-ending for a practitioner of international arbitration.
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